Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why a blog?

Some may ask why a blog? Well there's a few reasons behind it. For one, I think it's cathartic for me to put my thoughts down on paper, but as I do so, I'm also making a memory book of sorts for Livvy. Someday she'll be able to sit down and read how we felt, what we experienced and most importantly how much she was loved and believed in from the get go. Lastly, we have out of town friends and family that can at least stay as up to date as they would like without having to call and get caught up on weeks of information at a time.

I plan on keeping everything current from our meeting with the Pediatric Cardio Thoracic surgeon tomorrow to keeping updates while we're in and out of the hospital and most happily once we're back at home!

Between now and at least week 30 of my pregnancy I wouldn't expect too much new information because I'm not high risk and require no extra medical attention. Olivia on the other hand will need to be seen and scanned each week after week 30 to make sure that her growth is still progressing on the right track and she's not showing any signs of fetal distress.

At this point in my life I can say boring is good. I want to be able to say that I have no new news when people ask what's new or what's going on. The more boring the better. Well I guess with the exception that we're on for shopping for baby stuff this weekend. I chucked the idea of doing the neutral baby stuff for the nursery. Brian may have to face walking into a world that resembles Candyland at the rate that I'm going!

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  1. This is the Cutest thing that I have EVER seen. You did a really good job on this Lisa Im sure that Olivia will feel so special once she sees all the work it took to get her here and to put this all together.

    Love Always,
    Jessica, Israel and Angelina!!!!!