Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh to be together

So tonight marks the first night that none of us in our little family are together.  Liv is in the PSHU still recovering, I'm at the Ronald McDonald House (albeit its across the street from the hospital), and Brian is at home getting ready to head back to work tomorrow.  I about wanted to have a full meltdown at the fact that Brian had to leave tonight to get back into the office routine.  My first visit to Livvy's bedside after Brian left was pretty much full of tears - she didn't notice because she was sawing some zzzz's. 

I know that Olivia's in the best place possible for her right now and my job as her mother is to make sure that she's getting the best care and that we're keeping up to date with all the information.  It still doesn't make it any easier, I'm homesick and my best bud is gone.  Thank God for technology, Brian and I were able to Skype tonight so that was kind of cool to chat with the video link while we were both sad for the other.  Going forward, I will hope for Olivia's speedy recovery so her and I can get home soon and be with Brian as a family.  He and I are really really looking forward to those long nights where our baby wakes us up crying and leaves us sleep deprived in the mornings.  That's probably not something that many parents are looking forward to, but then again not many parents are in our situation and that's okay.  Brian and I know that everything as of late is a gift and we're not willing to take it for granted. 

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