Thursday, May 6, 2010

What day is it?

So up until last night around 8, I thought it was the 4th of May.  How sad was I when I realized that I had completely missed Cinco de Mayo and all the festivities associated with it.  It's not like I was looking to go swimming in a pool of margaritas or anything but I just couldn't believe I had been dating everything incorrectly all week long - I'm still not exactly sure where I lost an actual day but it happened. 

Olivia had a great night and slept almost 6 hours straight, which sort of makes me nervous because around 4 hours of solid sleep I woke up and got everything ready for her bottle just anticipating her to wake up demanding it.  First 15 minutes went by, then 30 and I was still waiting watching Law & Order until I must have fallen asleep out of exhaustion.  When Brian's alarm went off around 5:30 I nearly jumped out of bed thinking that I slept through the baby's crying.  Nope, there she was still snoozing away to my pleasant surprise. The sleep must have done her well because she was pretty easy going today (knock on wood).

Tomorrow we have another appointment at Hope for a checkup and tomorrow night Brian and I are going to try our first date out.  Saturday morning is Brian's graduation and Sunday is Mother's Day.  Big big weekend for us!

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