Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Might as well have been a Monday

Olivia slept another 9 hours straight last night!  We have found that when she's outside for long periods of time, she will sleep really great two nights later and she didn't disappoint.  She was all smiles this morning after a diaper change and bottle, but that pleasant mood quickly faded.  It's like she knew that soon we would be headed off to the ped's office for her two month check up. 

I think that today's appointment was our worst ever at a doctor's office.  First were the measurements which are normally no big deal, but today they were a very big deal and lots of crying followed.  I thought that I had packed wisely by bringing a bottle with us so during some down time between the doctor and nurse visits, Olivia could get her mid morning snack.  She was a happy little camper after that except that she was still hungry and smacking on her pacifier.  Then came the vaccinations.  Both the nurse and I underestimated the impact of the first vaccine which was given orally.  Either she was too sleepy to get it or it didn't taste good, but either way her violent gag reflex got the better of us and up came the vaccine as well as most of her bottle.  After take 2 was just as unsuccessful and the rest of her bottle came up, we gave up on that vaccine and moved on to the shots.  She screamed so loudly and I'm pretty sure jumped off the table on the second shot.  Happily she stopped crying as soon as I picked her up and off we went back home.

This afternoon Little Missy spent most of the day snoozing which I credit to the Tylenol that I gave her to ease some of the discomfort from the shots.  Unfortunately I expect that Olivia and I will be spending some quality time around 2-4 am when she's wide awake from all the sleep earlier today.  Right now Brian is busy pacing around the kitchen while she's fussing so she can gaze at the lights and they're making me dizzy with their laps.  I think Mommy is off to find some ibuprofen to ease a headache of her own!

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  1. sorry the appointment did not go so well. That happens even with heart healthy babies. My boys were always stinkers when it came to vaccinations. Hoping you all get some good sleep!