Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good Week for Heart Kids

It seemed like July and August were just really rough times for a lot of our heart kiddos.  I'm so pleased to see that September brings a little brighter news. 

I'd like to wish a belated first birthday to Hope.  Hope had already undergone her hybrid procedure last year when we got Olivia's diagnosis and her mom's blog was the first real in depth look that we had into the lives of a family and the impact of their child dealing with HLHS.  Now as she hit her first birthday, she is also post-Glenn, growing and loving life.  It is so wonderful to see each of these CHD babies celebrate a birthday, they are that much sweeter.

Bodie is one of our heart friends out in CA.  He just had his Glenn this past week and was home in 5 days!!!  Although this is along the lines of the standard, Mr. Bodie had some complications after his Norwood but FORTUNATELY there were no issues this time and now he's home with his family to finish up his recovery.  We are very happy for them and are looking forward to seeing how he really grows now that he's got the Glenn in the review mirror.

Then we have one of our newer little buddies Jonah who was born the week before Olivia had her Glenn.  He's been home from his Norwood for about four weekish and the first few were pretty rough on him and his parents.  His parents were really great about staying in touch with the doctors and going over a care plan that worked better for everyone.  I just texted back and forth with his mom this past week and she said things are going much more smoothly which is wonderful. 

I know that there are many other heart kiddos out there that have been having some really good times and I would shout all of you guys out but this post would just go on and on!  We are rooting for each and every one of you. 

As for Olivia, she's now eating sweet potatoes, squash and apples.  Apples are by far her least favorite right now so I made some green beans and bananas today and we're going to see if we have better success with these new foods.  She is doing so well and we are thrilled that her six month birthday is coming up next week.  Yes, we're totally going to celebrate it because in our minds six months is a huge accomplishment. 

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