Monday, September 13, 2010

Pediatrician Follow Up

This morning marked Livster's follow up appointment at the Pediatrician for a weight check.  I said prior to the visit that she would weigh about 14lbs 13oz and she was right on the money for Mommy!  Now Brian said that her feet were dangling off the edge of the scale a bit, so she was more likely 15lbish but I go with what the numbers actually read.  It was also at this appointment that the group has deemed Olivia a special patient so she will immediately go back to the exam rooms instead of waiting out in the general area and hopefully reducing her risk of exposure to any extra germs/infections...and like a rock star, she even has a special exit.  All that's missing is the limo - I say that tongue in cheek because my Mommymobile is very nice and sleek so she really does have her own limo service. 

Our doctor has said that the flu season looks to be setting in early this year and wants to move up the next round of vaccinations and administer the first Synargis shot once we get the "all clear" from cardiology. He stressed that all her caretakers need to get their flu shots ASAP and we need to keep her away from anyone that hasn't gotten the flu shot or has been sick recently.  This is of the utmost importance pre-Fontan since these heart kids have compromised circulation and respiratory systems already and we don't want to stress them out any more by getting a bug.  So please, friends and family, if you want to be around Olivia in the upcoming months during flu season - get a flu shot.  We realize that it will not guarantee that you don't get the flu, but it will lessen the odds or severity of it if you should get in touch with the virus. 

As for eating, we're a go for starting baby foods.  This weekend we gave her sweet potatoes for the first time and she really enjoyed them.  We'll continue through this week and start squash on the weekend.  To all you parents out there, how much food did you give your little ones at the beginning?  Did you start off the eating by giving a bottle and then the food or vice versa?  She has been gaining weight really well and I'd like to continue the trend as much as possible as we introduce solids.  Any input here would be much appreciated. Thank you all so much.

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