Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Since Brian and I have known each other going on fourteen years now, we've sort of established our own set of traditions in that time.  One of those traditions is Brian creating me a CD for my birthday and other special occasions throughout the year.  I have at least 10-12 CDs (now Ipod playlists) from our years together as buds, newly engaged couple, husband & wife, prospective parents and now parents.  Each playlist is a snapshot representative of where we were in life when he made them for me.  I won't delve into much of the CD that he included Air Supply's "I'm All Out of Love"....I'm getting the point I promise.

Anyway my latest CD has a song by George Strait called "The Breath You Take" and if you go on to a country station right now, you should be able to catch it.  My favorite part of the song is below as it speaks volumes to where we are in life as a family.

"Life's not about the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away"

We are so looking forward to sharing these CDs and more traditions with Olivia as she grows older.  We'll definitely be celebrating her 6 month birthday with cake and even a candle next week.

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