Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Healthy Baby Stuff

Yesterday was Olivia's 6 month appointment at the peds office.  I also thought it would mark her first Synagis shot for RSV prevention.  I knew that there would be vaccinations involved since we had missed the four month round due to prep for the Glenn.  I don't think I was anticipating an oral Rotavirus and four other vaccinations at once.  I know for sure Olivia wasn't prepared.  She was absolutely fine for the doctor as he did his exam and let the nurses do the weight and height without a problem. 

That's where the good disposition ended though, as soon as the nurse restrained her legs to start giving the shots, my poor Livvy went beserk.  I realize that in the scheme of things it is so far from the trauma of heart surgeries, but I was there holding her hand and felt like I was setting her up for the trauma.  She definitely had much more fallout from this round of shots than the last set; complete with muscle tenderness and a low-grade fever that has been managed by a few doses of Tylenol. 

She must be feeling halfway better tonight though because Daddy aka her personal entertainment center got her to sit on her own.  I mean completely on her own without a stuffed animal or anything else supporting her!!!  Time is just passing by so quickly now that we're hitting healthy baby milestones, I just want to press pause and savor the moment. 

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  1. Press pause and cherish the moments. Their milestones only happen once and they are the best moments.

    Shots SUCK!!! There is no other way to put it. I leave the room and the nurses give Hope her shots. I have done that with all my kids and their ped doesn't have an issue with it at all.