Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lots of Tears and Jeers

Yesterday marked Olivia's first PT session with early intervention.  There were lots of tears from her - not that she was in any pain but her PT started off by doing the dreaded tummy time and then when Olivia got a little spooked, I didn't rush in to pick her up.  My mom still happened to be there while this was all going on and she had to leave the house just to avoid hearing her "Precious" cry.  It was pretty sad and when her PT (who was fabulous by the way) finally decided to comfort her, Olivia wanted no part of it.  In fact we only made use of about 40 minutes of the one hour session. 

The PT was very pleased that Olivia has made such strides since her assessment six weeks ago, but Brian and I have still been tasked with doing more tummy exercises.  Another focus is going to be getting her to get more comfortable with rolling.  We know she can do it, she just chooses not to.  One small plus side to her getting all worked up yesterday is the fact that she slept great last night.  As for the rapid breathing, I spoke with Cardiology and they put it down to the possibility of allergies or weather change.  If it happens again in a non-exercise setting I'm just supposed to double check her color and grab a pulse ox if possible.  To put everyone's mind at ease I did get a pulse ox yesterday and it was 90.  That's an acceptable number in my book!

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