Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rest Makes for Happy Family

We were on the move all weekend.  Saturday Olivia and I ran to get groceries while Daddy ran some errands of his own.  The last few weeks when we've been doing some serious errands, I have been wearing her in the Baby Bjorn facing outwards.  It's great for her because she gets to look and check out everything that's going on and more importantly it keeps people from trying to touch her when she's snuggled up against me.  So double bonus!

Sunday we had a playdate with a fellow heart baby from Hope.  Olivia and he were neighbors the entire time in the PSHU after the Norwood surgery.  I can't tell you how nice it was to sit back and sort of compare notes from the doctors - as all of our cardiology team are the same.  As a heart parent we have our own little language and when we get those few opportunities to get together it's just wonderful to talk shop without needing to pause for additional explanations.  Not that I mind explaining things to others, but no one understands quite like someone else in the same shoes. 

Overall the babies didn't really get much playing done together, one was always sleeping or crying while the other was awake and playing and then they would alternate.  But we did get some great pics of the two of them for the 20 or so minutes that they were both awake and they are beyond precious.  Here are these two little ones who together have had enough medical procedures to write a little book and they're growing, thriving and able to interact with one another.  His mom said it best when she wrote that "it was good for my heart" to see them playing together. 

Between the playdate and Uncle Sean coming into town for his fall break, we were so busy and I think that helped tire Miss Olivia out enough to get back on a better sleep schedule since her vaccinations last week.  This morning I was ready to hop out of bed before the alarm and that was sooo nice.  The weather is cooling off and the little missy was snug as a bug in a rug when I left.  Have a great day and week!

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