Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Giving Back Update #2

The stuff just keeps on growing...check out the pic below.  Costco had great deals on really nice fluffy white towels and of course my mom aka Queen Bargain Shopper has been doing her part finding stuff at a steal.  The lastest Ronald McDonald Newsletter just came this weekend and their latest wish list also includes paper plates, paper napkins, plastic utensils - all that stuff that you sort of think "Huh, really?"  Yes, every little bit helps!

Oh and you ask what's with that plywood in the background - that's a nifty little trick that Brian's mom taught me for hosting dinner parties and you're dining room table is too small.  Just lay a table protector down and then a sheet of plywood covered with a tablecloth.  No one's the wise and you can virtually double your space.  I'd say we'll take it and put it in the basement, but it's such a pain to lug down our staircase so it'll be the backdrop for the duration I think.

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