Monday, November 22, 2010

Week of Thanks - Day 4

This morning we are thankful that both sets of our parents are still happily married.  In a day and age where the divorce rate is approximately 50% and more and more couples are foregoing marriage - ours have over sixty years combined.  We were shaking our heads last night at an article describing how a couple has four sets of divorced/remarried parents to visit this Thanksgiving and needing to juggle all the visits in a short amount of time.  Not only is that the complete opposite of our story; our parents only live about 5-10 minutes apart from each other.  That's so much easier for us and obviously nice to be local which allows us days like yesterday where we went to my parents house to start getting the Christmas decorations up. 

On an Olivia update - she is starting to teethe in a bad way, full on crankiness set in yesterday and sure enough her lower gums in the front are all swollen and I can feel those little troublemakers coming in.  Just hoping it goes relatively quickly since she's clearly miserable.  :(

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  1. That really is something to be thankful for these days. We are those people with the four sets- it's a juggling act sometimes. :)
    Poor Olivia- Aly is going through the same thing right now. I feel awful for her, and she is not so much a joy to be around right now. ;) I hope those teethers come fast for Olivia! :)