Friday, January 28, 2011

Someone's 10 - Months that Is!

Mama has missed this post by one bad! Olivia Giuliana all 20lbs and almost 30 inches of her continues to be the light of our lives. These days she is going around saying Mama and Mommmmm to her hearts content, terrorizing anything or anyone she can in her walker and showing a little bit of interest of actually being on her tummy to scoot around.

She is eating little bits of food off anyone's plate, disliking anything sour but tolerating lots of different textures. We still have early intervention physical therapy coming once a week and Olivia continues to warm up to Miss Sue a little bit more each week. Speech is a little delayed but like everything else the little spitfire is making up strides every day.

I on the other hand have the opportunity to do something that I always wondered about after the HLHS diagnosis and thats planning Olivia's first birthday. Six babies passed away this past week and with each baby that leaves us we are reminded even more how precious life is. A baby is a miracle and one that struggles to take its first breath even a little moreso miraculous.

Happy 10 Months Olivia! Dont worry when youre reading this down the road....your birthday gift was some new clothes because you need size 18 months!

All my love,

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