Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Way to My Heart

It was just Olivia and I last night and she was kind of cranky so we did an early dinner of apples & squash, washed it down with a few ounces of formula and I tried to lay her down.  She wanted no part of it, realizing that it was still about a half hour earlier than her normal bedtime, so I picked her up and we sat in the glider for a little while just listening to her lullabies until she got antsy and I knew she still had at least another hour in her before she'd go to sleep for real.  So I took her in our room and plopped her in the middle of the bed and we played. 

She actively went on her tummy and scooched herself around a few times, mostly over me like I was an obstacle course, but hey, whatever works.  I gently pushed her back and took a stuffed animal and pretended like it was jumping on her tummy to which she greeted with big belly laughs.  She'd position herself and lay her head on the pillow facing me and just smile and pat my cheek while we looked at each other.  But the best moment by far of the night was towards the end when she was getting sleepy she threw her arms around me saying "Mama" and gave me a kiss.  It's unfair to try to even describe the feeling I had in that moment, but suffice it to say that everything else good pales in comparison to something like that moment with your baby.

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  1. are so right...those moments are breathtaking and amazing. I have learned to cherish every single one of those moments with all of my children...Hope taught me that!