Tuesday, March 1, 2011

11 Months Old

All right, I'm a couple of days late, forgive me!  Olivia's 11 month birthday came and went.  We went shopping last week and actually found the outfit that she's going to wear for her birthday fiesta - although it's likely that it'll be one of many that she wears that weekend if she gets into her cake the way that her male counterparts do.  :)  We had a somewhat miserable PT session yesterday since Miss Sue; our normal PT is off recovering from foot surgery.  Her replacement is nice enough but doesn't necessarily understand how to take time to get little missy to warm up to her before diving right into the playing. 

Olivia wanted no part of any of it.  I was a few minutes late getting home from the office and was greeted with hysterics.  Screaming, shaking, profuse tears and even a little bit of sweat because she was so worked up.  It took some time but we got her settled down for a halfway decent assessment of her skills if nothing else.  This new PT really wants us to push more tummy time.  I'm sort of mixed about it, as time goes on, Olivia is putting herself on her tummy more trying to reach for things.  I leave her there once she initiates the movement herself and let her figure out how to squirm around until she gets really ticked off.  But the reception for tummy time if one of us actually puts her there is normally a failure.  I'm not saying it's not worthwhile to try, I just think that she's more receptive to it if she thinks its her idea.  Haha, I am soooo in for it!

The last week was a challenge in terms of getting solids in her, she just outright refused them.  I think her top two teeth are coming in and she's not very happy about it.  Just in the last 24-36 hours has she started eating regular homemade baby food again and taking her Enalapril like normal.  We have found that anytime we give her baby tylenol via an oral syringe, she starts refusing to take her Enalapril which she loves.  So, we've had to get a little sneakier by putting the Tylenol either in a bottle or in her food.  I mean really, she's 11 months old and we already have to play mind games?   I'll get a new pic with Fievel loaded sometime this week and also start sharing some party plans!

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