Friday, March 18, 2011


Yesterday being St. Patrick's day and all the luck of the Irish, etc etc I've decided to take a nudge from fellow heart dad Tommy and make sure that everyone knows that we know how lucky we are.  We are about a week away from Olivia's first birthday.  She has completely rejected all pureed baby food at this point in favor of real food with texture, taste and that requires some chewing on her part.  Case in point, she took a few bites off a pickle that I was snacking on yesterday and was angry with me when I finished it without being able to have anymore.  We're amazingly lucky that eating has not been a struggle for Olivia.

I was gone Tuesday and Wednesday in AZ for work and yesterday while we were playing on the floor she just decided she was going to crawl.  Now let me tell you, I don't think there's anything cuter than watching a little baby diaper butt crawling around, but it's almost magical to watch one crawl who has had so many obstacles to overcome.  She was sporting "The Boss" shirt complete with shamrocks for the occasion and it was hilarious to see it because it was almost a belly shirt and her numerous arm rolls looked a little constricted around the sleeves.  So lucky that she's strong enough and feeling well enough to be nosy and get into everything.

We've basically made it through the first year.  As I've watched countless parents say goodbye to their little ones, we have a birthday candle to blow out and wishes to be made for the next year.  LUCKY and so grateful. 

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