Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Three Musketeers

Sometimes, I think that society gives guys in their 20's sort of a bum rap.  I am so guilty of this it's not even funny...always ready to harass guys especially those in fraternities (sorry Pikes if any of you read this) often with the mindset that guys in this particular age group get increasingly, mmm how can I say - I don't know if dumber is the word, but they are definitely more apt to make questionable choices as a group than they would as individuals.  Anywayyyyyy, given that Liv's birthday is right around the corner I wanted to convey my appreciation for three great male friends that I have who have really helped me through the past year whether or not they realize it.  Ladies- there are many of you that have been extremely supportive but I just had to give props to the guys for once.

First, would be Tim now fellow parent to Cohen (who may or may not be my future son in law - I'm just sayin).  Tim and his wife Madison have followed Olivia's journey since I started up the blog and have been great supporters through all of the pre-natal appointments, subsequent procedures, etc.  He's always taken the time to email or text following cardiology appointments just to make sure that everything is kosher with the Livster and regularly asks me for updates on her day to day progress and milestones.  When there was a Twitter update about a heart baby Olivia not doing well - it was Tim who texted me late at night just to make sure that my Olivia was safe and sound in her crib just to be absolutely sure. 

Mikey is a former co-worker who started off as the shy guy in the department, but quickly made up for lost time once we got him out to our Friday lunches.  He's quick witted and self-depreciating in such an admirable way.  Definitely the type of person that you find yourself mouth open aghast at some of the things he says and yet laughing until you cry because it's just so darn funny the way that he goes about saying it.  If it were anyone else, you would be offended but he's just so likable and genuine that you can't ever be mad even if he is an "Angry Italian" as I like to call him.  (I'm half Italian - so it's okay).  The office just isn't the same without him around.

Last but not least is Kyle, who I can only describe as one half of Laurel and Hardy.  We've been friends for going on five years now and both grown up considerably in that time - sometimes by choice and other times because of the hands we were dealt.  He will occasionally pop by my office heading out to lunch and see my face and know that I've just been reading up on a baby that is either not doing well or has passed away and then takes it upon himself to try and boost my spirits the rest of the day.  Like Mike, his sense of humor is contagious and you can't help but smile in spite of yourself sometimes. 

Between these three guys, they have heard more than their fair share of sad stories from me over lunches, coffee, and perhaps the occasional alcoholic beverage.  Although they don't condone tears from me - they won't avoid me when I get a little weepy from time to time.  I didn't realize till I was giving it deep thought at how well they all relate to me that they've each had a very close relative struggle with illnesses and disabilities.  As sad as it makes me for what they've had to deal with thus far; I am all the more appreciative for them to be my friends.  Thank you guys!!!

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  1. Thanks Lisa, even though I am not sure any of my things were about being a good friend, but I know which things hold value in our friendship. See you Saturday for b-day bash.