Thursday, April 28, 2011

13 Months Old!

  Another month has gone by - aye dios mio!  You even make a face and put your hand to your head like you're exasperated sometimes.  It's hysterical, you have such a personality. 

Eating:  We haven't found much that you don't like except for broccoli.  Some of your fave big girl meals that Mommy made you are: Black Bean and Chicken Chili, Mac N Cheese, Pasta with Meat Sauce, Lentils with Stewed Veggies, Mashed Potatoes and Zucchini. You will take a pureed food here and there, but you are just "So over them".  You're almost on all whole milk now, once this last formula tub is gone that's all she wrote girlfriend; even getting a little better at the cold milk temp though you still prefer it warmed. You would be quite the piggy at the popcorn bowl if I would let you.  The other night I was breaking off little pieces of the popcorn to give you without the husk and you felt I wasn't going fast enough so you dove into the bowl to help yourself.  Suprisingly you didn't struggle at all with it - but let's not make that a habit okay?  Plus it's sort of rude to dive into someone elses food...

Playing:  You will play by yourself every morning with either Grandma and for Mommy when she gets home from work, but when your dad gets home, you expect his undivided attention.  You've got a whole little Fisher Price garage for your vehicles - Dino, Baby Stroller and Cool Purple Car.  Now you're going over to them by yourself to take them for a spin and make sure that you press all the musical buttons on there as much as humanly possible.  Not that we're watching much TV these days anyway, but TV with you is more like seeing and trying to read lips since just about everything you own is a battery powered noisemaker

Talking: Still going with MomMom and Bob for your parents or just about anything else.  I've heard a few "Hi's and Ball" in there, but I don't necessarily you mean anything in particular, you just like making noise.  Most recently you've discovered how to make a clicking sound with your tongue and it constantly sounds like you're calling a horse around the house. 

Sleeping: Olivia Giuliana, as much as you've excelled everywhere else, this is where we could use some serious improvement Little Missy.  You're great when it's Mommy's nights but are manipulating the bejeebies out of your dad.  He thought he'd be clever and swap nights with me to see if that makes a difference and so far night 1 was a disaster.  I came in to find you standing in your crib screaming like your mattress was on fire and then around 3:30 heard you babbling only to find you sitting up sort of playing.  This is not going to fly for the long run little lady.  Just know you can party till hours of the night, but come 7:30am one of the Grandmas is still going to wake up your little tushy to get the day started.  Now, if come tonight you have figured out that your parents tried to scam you and you figure that out in one night; not only would I be super impressed but I'd also be a little fearful that by age 2 you're going to completely outsmart all the adults in your life. 

You continue to be the constant sunshine in many of our lives and we love you dearly. 
Besitos y brassos

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  1. Awwww love this - this is SUCH a cute update! Happy 13 months Olivia! :-)