Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I know you're reading, but do you get it?

Good morning to all our readers out there...
    I was thinking of the numbers, facts, statistics regarding CHD's (do you remember what that stands for) and wondered how many people have actually changed their thinking regarding infant screenings after birth, or made sure to become an organ donor, or as expectant parents keep in mind that 1 in 100 babies has a CHD. 

   I say these things because I know how many friends and family and extended network follow Olivia's blog (I get to see the statistics - thank you Blogger), but has it changed anyone's thinking?  Have you had an immediate family member or close friend recently give birth and suggest to them that their newborn should be hooked up to a pulse oximeter for a few minutes just to make sure the oxygen saturation levels are where they should be just to rule out any number of heart defects? 

   If you're a pop or beer drinker out of a can, do you now save the tabs off of each can to donate to the Ronald McDonald house because you now know that those little tabs actually go towards paying for the houses? 

   Have you made the choice to become an organ donor?  One healthy person's organs can save EIGHT other lives, not to mention positively impacting so many others that get tissue, skin, etc. 
   I know I'm being sort of preachy today but I can readily admit that aside from the organ donor, I only learned of the newborn screening and pop tabs after becoming pregnant with Olivia.  But I've learned and about you?
Enjoy the beautiful spring day!

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