Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Peds 1 Year Check Up

This past Thursday Miss Olivia had her one year well baby checkup at the pediatrician.  The concept of a well baby visit still sort of amazes me given that it's been another three months since we were last seen by cardiology.  With the exception of the enalapril that we're still giving her 2x daily; life is so normal.  So here are the stats from the appointment: Olivia weighed in at 21lbs 11oz putting her in the 55th percentile - this was lower than she would have been I think had she not been teething the entire week prior to her birthday.  Eating that week was a struggle and she was running a low grade fever for a few days.  She is 31" long - which is around the 75th percentile and that pretty little *ahem* dome of hers, it was 19" circumference which is almost off the charts.  Happily, she's growing into what I lovely call her "Helmet Head" definitely getting more proporitional by the day - instead of looking like the cutest bobblehead you've ever seen.  Yes, I know she'll be vexed as a teenager when she reads the way I've talked about her head to body ratio. 

The two big questions I had for this appointment were - could we move her to cow's milk, answer: Yes - moving her to whole milk for her entire second year.  When would it be appropriate to start using a soft bristled toothbrush to start gently cleaning her teeth and gums?  Answer: 15 months - so after our next checkup we should be able to start brushing her little chompers away.  Literally in the past month she went from two to six teeth and I think more are coming through.  Poor little missy, hopefully they don't come in packs of four again.  That was brutal for her. 

The not so fun part of the appointment?  Four shots - two for each little drumstick.  She didn't have as much of an adverse reaction to these as she has had in the past, but I will say that it did impact her sleep schedule.  She's been going to bed on average over an hour later and waking up over an hour earlier than usual since she was given the shots.  Her personality has also shifted in the last week or so and not in all pleasant aspects.  She's happy go lucky, Miss Sunshine or she's angry stiff as a board baby screeching at the top of her lungs and there's very little middle ground.  The stiff as a board thing is almost comical if I could step away and watch someone else deal with their child doing the same.  She gets rigid when she's upset about something i.e. diaper change or bedtime before "she thinks she's ready" and she makes it almost impossible to move her.  If you try to sit her on the floor she'll go all limp noodle and sort of become a puddle of baby.  Last night she pulled many of these shenanigans on me while I was solo and she was a hot sweaty mess and so was I trying to reasonably comfort her before putting her to bed. 

On Friday we do have our three month checkup with cardiology; I'm interested to see how things are looking under the hood with the echo.  In my opinion, I think her fingertips and toes have been duskier than they have been in the past and the bottoms of her feet seem to have slower capillary response than we have been seeing.  I don't know if this is an indication that we will ultimately have to have a cath to balloon the LPA (left pulmonary artery) or if it's just part of the seasonal temperature in the house but I'm going in expecting to be told it's time to get a cath on the schedule for a little bit of intervention.  If not, then great, but for now that's the realist perspective - so if you're reading this, please do try to prepare yourselves as well. 

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