Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Daughter the Con

Yesterday Liv and I were hanging out at home after I got home from work and I was reading on my Ipad while cartoons were in the background to buy me a few minutes of uninterrupted peace.  Olivia came over to me on the couch mouth puckered up smacking her lips like she wanted a kiss with her arms wide open to be grabbed up in a hug.  I threw aside the ipad and snuggled up that little lovebug only to get a rushed smack on the cheek as she soooooooooooo casually leannnnnnnned over past me to grab the tv remote that I had hidden behind me.  As soon as she had the goods she wiggled out of my hug, off the couch off to scramble as many of the tv settings as she possibly could before I chased her down.

She got me, she got me good on that one.  Rude!

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