Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cath Update - Non Update?

The general procedure nurse just came around giving families status updates.  Liv is under and they have begun the procedure - it seems like that took longer than I was expecting, but who knows.  I'm still hoping they went in through her arm instead of her neck but it doesn't really matter so long as she comes back safely and as healthy as she was when they took her in to the lab.

Check-ins with the grandparents prove that they are having a hard time concentrating and keeping busy to pass the time.  My mom is cleaning her house, so please note that whenever Olivia has a procedure you should really get her booked up to come over and clean your houses.  The more worried she is, the more effectively she cleans.  I'll have to keep it in mind the next few weeks while Olivia's immune system may be a little weak she can go hang out in Nonna's sterile environment.  :)

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