Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Am in Awe

Children are just so resilient.  When do we lose that along the way growing up?  The ability to fall down at the playground, scrape a knee and get back up again to continue playing.

Olivia was discharged yesterday morning around 11 and props to the hospital staff for really working on the discharge process over the past year to get patients out when they actually say the words "discharge".  It's a big deal, it used to take a whole day sometimes which was just all the more aggravating if you're a parent with a month's worth of stuff trying to figure out how to time packing up, med refills, etc.  Once she was back in her own comfortable surroundings you could see how she just relaxed and went around kissing everything and anything that she missed.  It was super cute.

She is doing far better than I think anyone expected at this point with any residual pain.  The doctors said we could give ibuprofen or tylenol if she needed it, but she hasn't so we haven't given her a dose yet.  All the sites look really good and the band aids need to be changed at least three times per day which isn't her fave but she tolerates.  I'm fairly certain if I'd been poked and prodded as much as her in the past 48 hours that I'd want to be curled up and sleep it all off undisturbed by anyone and everyone.  Yet she continues to really get more pleasant as the minutes pass and this "low activity" that we're supposed to live by the for the next month or so due to the stent is going to be quite a challenge.

Sleeping however has been hard to come by as Little Missy has gotten very spoiled first by sleeping with me while we were in FL and now by having Mommy or Daddy around in the hospital to cuddle with.  She wants to be with someone for naps or nighttime and while I can't say I blame her the first night back in her own room from the hospital, this is looking to be a big battle in the near future.

For now I sit here so appreciative of all the texts, emails, facebook posts, messages, phone calls and everything else that we received with well wishes of good things for Liv.  Thank you all for thinking of her!

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