Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The View from Floor 2

Writing from room 2036, we've been here since approximately 4 this afternoon.  Yes - all that other time was spent in a recovery room not much bigger than the crib Olivia was in.  Now, we're in a beautiful private room with it's own full bathroom and plenty of space to have grandparents come and visit complete with dinner.  Olivia dozed throughout most of the visit.  She's still nauseated and more anti-nausea meds have been ordered up.  All of her fluids are still being delivered via IV as she doesn't want to drink anything.  Makes sense to me, I don't like drinking or eating when my tummy's upset either.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to get around this vicious cycle.  No discharge without liquid and food intake but Olivia still hasn't worked the drugs through her system enough to where she feels like her old self yet.  Vitals look great, there's been no additional bleeding from the cath sites and she's really just sleeping it off like a twenty-first birthday celebration.  Hopefully tonight can be as non-eventful.

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