Thursday, May 24, 2012

Win Some, Lose Some

Today's Wins:
- Chest tube drainage output dropped substantially, one step closer to coming out
- There have been no additional PAC's in over 24 hours
- Fluids that Liv took in actually stayed in her tummy including 2oz of chocolate milk
- The dreadlocks that Liv was rocking have been tamed and shes sporting one of her new shirts
- I got to hold her for over two hours this morning and it was precious
- Her lips are a beautiful shade of pink

Today's Losses:
- Liv is NPO once again
- Her pancreas is stressed from surgery and the curento the inflammation is discontinuing food and fluids by mouth!
- The med that was helping with the PACs messed with a liver enzyme making her incredibly fatigued, now discontinued because there have been no PACs even as drug was weaned
-All the things we did today to get Liv more on track were actually creating setbacks

Tomorrow: let her rest and enjoy iv fluids, see how bloodwork looks and go from there

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