Friday, June 22, 2012


Liv's cardiology appointment yesterday couldn't have gone much better.  They decided no echo, her lungs sounded great through all of her crying and screaming.  She's already taken the liberty of weaning herself off of lasix and aldactone so the staff decided to quarter her current dosage and the best part - NO MORE FLUID RESTRICTION!

She was so happy last night, seriously, just to request a drink and not have someone come and rudely take it away to preserve precious ounces of the quota.  Her INR level was 1.7 and ideally they want her at 2.0 so Coumadin will be a whole tablet now twice per week, but since it doesn't taste terrible, we may be able to con it into her.  No change to the amiodarone for her post-op arrhythmia but it's only a quarter of a tiny pill so sneaking that one in has been okay.

Not to jinx anything but she has slept through the night the last three days - that in itself is nothing short of a miracle.  All in all everything is great and she is still on track to be in a swimming pool for 4th of July.  Good reports from cardiology are like Christmas and all of my other fave holidays combined.

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