Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3 Months Down

Last night around 7 marked three months since we saw Liv for the first part post-Fontan.  On the other side of the fence, you know where the grass is always greener?  That night, it was hard to picture that the grass on the other side of the Fontan was greener.  I go back to the crash cart because you just don't want that anywhere around your understand, close enough if it's needed but you don't want the staff to feel it is really needed that it has to be at the foot of her bed.  I remember sitting in the PSHU waiting room and the surgical nurse letting us know that Dr. Ilbawi wanted to speak with us before we went in.  That wasn't a good sign since normally we catch up later on surgery day at her bedside during rounds.  He gave us a recap of the day's events and we asked a few questions and continued to wait.

Bless her little half heart when we walked in she was still coming out of anesthesia and kind of loopy to whatever bolus of heart meds they gave her to get her rhythm under control.  But as we sat there that night, her first words of recognition of Mama and Dada might have been even sweeter than the very first time she said them.  You always run the risk of brain injuries while on bypass but then when you have additional complications during the surgery and immediately post-op like Miss Olivia did there's a higher risk for neurological damage.  So we waited and watched, counting off each extremity as she moved them and urging her to speak or make some sort of indication that she knew us.

She spent most of her day being a little diva for her Nonna yesterday.  Super crabby, unreasonable and whiny.  It was much of the same when I got there and only improved marginally as the night progressed.  Even when her beloved Daddy got there, she still fussed and whined for him.  But not to be overlooked, she is here and we are ever thankful.

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