Friday, September 14, 2012

How it's Going

All reports this morning are favorable, Olivia continues to turn into a human prune via IV lasix and the doctors are pleased with how dried out she is becoming.  Her eyes started to look sunken around 11 last night but that's normal, her thighs and calves still looked puffy and had some pitting, so clearly she still has excess fluid in her system.  My understanding was she was going to have an echo today to confirm that function looks at least marginally better since at admission on Monday but Brian said that the resident rounding this morning said there were no tests on the agenda, so that will be a hot topic.

Olivia is doing well, she had a peaceful night of sleep and woke up to eat 3/4 of a blueberry muffin and wash that down with a plate of spaghetti.  Clearly the breakfast of champions.  She is not on fluid or dietary restrictions, just getting her normal meds accompanied by the IV lasix and Digoxin.  Tonight they will move her to oral versions of both meds and assuming that she doesn't retain any additional fluids or show signs of distress they will consider discharge tomorrow.  

I've got tons to update you on including just how close of a call this whole stay has been and what things look like under that little hood as I so lovingly refer to Olivia's heart anatomy, but that will have to wait until later today.  Until then, thank you again for the outpouring of support and love.  I've had numerous offers of help, assistance, support from all areas of the country for Olivia and us.  They are not unnoticed and we are so truly thankful that you think of our little girl.  

Until later

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