Thursday, October 25, 2012

Needed that Like a Hole in My Head

Tuesday morning I woke up extra early...we're talking before 4am to get to the office early so that I could leave early to take Miss Liv down there as soon as CV (cardiovascular surgical) was ready to see her.  I knew from my phone call the night before they definitely wanted to check her out, but the timing was indefinite.  Monday night was completely uneventful other than me just dreading the entire incision splitting open.  I don't know why I had this thought in my head, I just figured things were continuing to come up unexpectedly so next would be the entire incision.

I called the hospital and stalked out the PA's to get in and was finally set for 1pm.  Brian's parents graciously met me there with Livvy so that I could head straight to the hospital from the office and also didn't have to play the bad guy and I was cool to deflect that to someone else for a change.  We sat and we sat, finding out that CV was really behind schedule.  Olivia was amazing, seriously the happiest I've ever seen her in a hospital setting even without her nap.  She'd occasionally say that she was hungry but let it go.  After a TWO HOUR wait, they called us back and she lost her marbles.  The big bad scale and height rod were more than she could handle.  As I was showing the PA's the pictures I'd captured of the blister intact and open wound from Monday night, we were all bracing ourselves for the unveiling.

I was holding my breath as we lifted her shirt and silently swore when there was some blood seepage through the gauze.  As I lifted off the tape though, we were greeted with a pleasant surprise.  The wound was soooo much better than the night before, shrinking in diameter and length.  Still deep but noting that there was some granular tissue forming indicating healing was underway everyone was happy.  Carrie confirmed there was no stitch present and noted that there was no sign of infection, just some totally weird anomaly that had occurred; best guess that Liv really did manage to whack herself in the chest just right to do the damage.  Either way, gaping wound, immuno-compromised kid - we all agreed antibiotics were the best route despite the fact that no infection was currently present.  I am not one to go approve this method or use of antibiotics normally, but definitely saw the benefits outweighing the risk in this particular instance.

Five minutes later I handed Liv off like a hot potato and took off back to the office while grandparents took 10 day script of broad spectrum antibiotic to get filled.  She hates having to take the capsule three times per day, but the chest already looks even better another 24 hours later.  Some of the scab came off in last nights bath, but you can see that it's shallower too.  This is one of those moments that while you wish you had an understanding of what the cause was, you're so relieved by the outcome that you're willing to overlook it and continue on in the moment.  Liv hasn't had any adverse effects as of yet and is completely unfazed by her chest boo boo which is now small enough it only requires a band-aid.

I'm still looking for gray hairs every day certain that they are inevitable at the pace we've been keeping.


  1. Sweet girl really likes to keep you on your toes, huh? So glad everything is ok! Hope you can enjoy some drama free, uneventful next few months!

  2. Tell Ms. Olivia that's enough misbehavin' for awhile! The outcome definitely outweighs the why as so many times with our little ones!