Thursday, October 18, 2012

Terrible Twos & 50,000!

Somedays I walk in the door greeted by this uber cute smiling chatterbox who will promptly turn to her Pammy (Grammy) or Nonna and wave them off and a "Bye".  There are other days where she will crumble into a heap of tears like "How dare you come back to me Mommy?!?!" and I know the battle lines are drawn.  Lately she's been a little similarities with someone who struggles with Bipolar disorder.  She has extreme ups and downs and very little even middle ground and oh the drama!  Tears can be produced instantaneously about anything and shut off like a water faucet just as easily.

Eating has become a battle and Liv is just bored of her usual faves.  Last night chicken pot pie was on the menu and she ate a decent amount because it was something out of the ordinary.  I'm going to have to go outside the box to come up with some new things for her to try.  Her twice weekly speech therapy is really producing great results, although Tuesday's letter from Miss Nickie essentially said Olivia was non-compliant.  She's just over two and a half and I'm already getting letters of misbehavior from her teacher!  I chuckled but I'll be able to attend today's session to see how things are going and if I can help keep Olivia engaged for her entire session.

As for the 50,000 in today's title - that's all thanks to you.  Olivia's followers, you have come to check up on her for a grand total of 50,000 since this blog has been up and running.  We thank you for all of your visits and support on her journey.  All right, yes I know this number is ridiculously inflated to over-attentive grandparents checking the site daily or multiple times per day, but still, it's so cool!  I'll try to get some new pics of the diva in action and keep you posted when her next cardiology appointment is on the calendar.

Thanks again!

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