Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oliviaisms - Day 6

Senorita Sassy Pants (which is ironic because she's not wearing any in the above pic) has really come into her own, some of my favorite one liners right now:

  • "Rice, Beans Black, Please, Thank you, Welcome"  That's how she goes about requesting one of her favorite meals just like that
  • "Wuv You" She has started her own "I love you" sooo precious
  • Livvy "Mommy, Up" (pick her up) and then she shyly points to the popcorn in the pantry, Mommy: "You want popcorn?"  Livvy: "Yesssssssssss"
  • "Five Minutes" - typically said no less than five times leading up to bedtime
  • "Soon, Okay, Soon" - whenever the topic of medicine is mentioned
  • "Burpie, Baby, B, B B!, Mickey, Two, Three"  That's the program for bed, must have two burp clothes for snuggles, baby needs to be nestled next to Liv, B is blankets and she must have three or four on her even though she kicks them all off in the middle of the night
  • "Dad, Dada, Daddy, Daddddeeeeeeeee, Daa, Up, Up Up (frustration mounts) Mommy" This is how it goes when she wakes up on weekends or from a nap expecting rescuing from her room; yes, I know that I am last on her list for heroes
  • "Helloooo, Kisssss, Cheek" Her greeting for Daddy when he walks in the door from work

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