Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ooops Catching up on Thanks

Thank you Jenny for your mass day post yesterday, I felt I could do the same so I get caught back up :)

Day 7 - I too am thankful that the election is over so that I don't have to listen to people bicker among one another without real valid points of contention on either side (general population not the politicians although there's some truth there too)

Day 8 - I <3 class="goog-spellcheck-word" my="my" span="span" style="background-color: yellow; background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: initial initial;">Rockstar
skinny cords and jeans from Old Navy that have just enough stretch in them that even if you're having somewhat of a "chubby day" they are forgiving
Day 9 - Coffee.  Oh how I love my coffee, not just for the little pick me up it gives me but because I find nothing cozier than the smell of coffee brewing in the morning and sitting there with my hot cup as the steam rises above. Yum

Day 10 - My crock pot.  Last year my seester gave me a Hamilton Beach digital programming crock pot and dinner as I knew it changed dramatically.  Work is crazy for both Brian and I and that little guy has allowed me to make some really cool stuff with minimal effort and awesome results.  So far this year I've made a chorizo and red bean stew, barbacoa (think a Mexican version of brisket), carnitas that were later used in enchiladas.  Yes, there is a theme here.

Day 11 - Liv's speech has made life so much better.  She can articulate what she wants for the most part now and doesn't spend as much time getting frustrated with us for not understanding what she is trying to say.  Now the bigger hurdle is her dealing with the word "NO".  I'll be really thankful if and when that ever happens.

Day 12 -  I am thankful for Nonna & Tia Rosa's Mexican rice that Olivia can and does eat by mass amounts for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It could be every meal in an entire day and she doesn't tire of it

Day 13 - Music in the office that I can change to suit whatever mood I'm in.  Of course now that it's after November 1st, Christmas music is on high rotation

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  1. I respectfully request some of those yummy sounding crockpot recipes- I could eat mexican food for every meal of my day and I don't have a whole lot of good recipes. ;) And I'm also totally into the Christmas music- November 1 it started around here and it's moved up on my Pandora channel rotation. :)