Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How You Can Help Livvy

Since November 9th, really since Olivia's HLHS diagnosis people have reached out asking how they can help.  But more recently, it's been in huge tidal waves of offers, of which I am so deeply touch by, so here is what you can do to help Miss Liv in the short term - become an organ donor.

If you are a parent, talk with your significant other, spouse, I am asking you to send your mind go to that terrible awful dark place where your worst nightmare comes true and you are faced with losing your child.  Would you donate their organs, do you have a plan in place?  Is it something you've talked about before?

It's always been a no brainer for me to be an organ donor and have been since my 16th birthday, but I didn't really give much thought to the opportunity for Liv to help others in the afterlife until I was told she would need that generosity to stay with us.

Donate Life Now

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