Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Settling In

Day 1 of life at RMH seems to be agreeing with Miss Olivia.  She likes the freedom and lack of interruptions in her daily routine.    The day started a bit disorganized as Brian and my mom took Liv over to the hospital to get a lab draw to check Hecoria aka ProGraph (immuno-suppressant) and the orders for the lab weren't in.  So they had to wait but Olivia did fine.  The results from the test said that her levels are still too high so we had to change the dose again; which is one of the reasons why the staff felt so strongly about Olivia being at RMH instead of at home which is 40 miles away.  Yesterday she spent the day cleaning with Nonna (my mom) and asking to go down to the playroom on floor 4.  So long as she has a mask on and there's not a lot of people we will indulge her requests, but later in the day it got a bit cramped so she had to go back upstairs and play on her own.

Were it not for the fact that she gets so much attention I would feel really bad that Liv spends a lot of her time playing by herself or with adults, but it has actually served her well in terms of getting her caught up verbally with her peers and when she does have the chance to play with other little kids, she doesn't shy away.  Last night was a big event, her first bath since the hospital admission on 11/15 and Missy was none too pleased.  Instructions for her care are the same as all post-op arrangements, don't allow her to be in bath water too high that her incision is submerged.  Wash her chest with a clean washcloth, soap and water and then let it air dry.  The most staggering thing was that despite the fact that the bathroom door allows for a breezy tub experience and Olivia got out of the tub shivering - her lips were PINK and they stayed that way.  Even if it were 90 degrees outside and Liv was getting out of the tub into a comfy bathroom temp, her lips would also be dusky to purplish.  Those days are gone...below is a pic of Missy so fresh and so clean, clean.

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