Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sunnier Days

The above is Olivia leaving Jersey Mike's on a nice hot Saturday afternoon.  She was slightly annoyed with me taking her sandwich away for the car ride home.  Or she was mad because we missed Tia Linda's wedding in Sweden that same hard to tell with this little lady.  We (I) missed my only siblings wedding because Miss Livvy had a biopsy, her ninth to be exact on Friday.  After much ado yesterday chasing down the results, Olivia's currently at a 1A.  This is HUGE.  Huge because we finally get her Tacro/Hecoria levels in the optimal range and the biopsy was done after a two week steroid wean.  Originally we thought that she was more reliant on the prednisone than the average bear, but apparently not.  So here's to sunnier days as summer moves in and we take full advantage of it!

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