Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Kept Hoping and Waiting

I seriously avoided making an entry earlier figuring that I would report to everyone that Olivia had a little blip on the radar and it would be over and done by the time anyone ever read my post.  However that's not the way this is panning out so here I am writing a post I frankly dreaded.  Thursday morning Liv was acting funny with Nonna and Tia Linda.  She said she was "Sleepy" and her favorite pastime of running errands and shopping was not enough to entice her in a good mood.  A trip to Noodles for lunch only resulted in tears and her begging to go home.  So of course Nonna and Tia obliged.  My afternoon report said she was warm, by the time Daddy was done with work she was downright HOT.

Temp showed close to 103 and we got Tylenol on board right away.  Missy was mopey but then had amazing recovery with the magic of Tylenol both eating and drinking.  She would smile and laugh, play like usual and then as the dose wore off, she would get sort of evil.  Friday marked the 24 hour mark and I called transplant to let them know what was going on.  They were satisfied with our game plan and suggested a check up at ped's office on Saturday am to just make sure this was healthy heart kid stuff.  Peds appointment on Saturday said Livvy looked really good.  No ear infection, no strep and then Dr got genius idea to test her for a UTI but the in office test said that was negative too.  As a bribe we said that we would take Missy to Cracker Barrel but we never made it.  The peds office consulted with Luries who said they wanted to see her.

So off to the ER we went and her fever was high, but not terrible. Unfortunately her labs indicated that she was essentially a human prune and extremely dehydrated.  Oh not to mention we had some vomiting episodes on the car ride down and once in the ER.  No one wants to see that out of a fresh transplant patient; especially with Liv's high heart rate.  As it turned out while all initial fears were her heart and some serious rejection, that's proven to not be the case.  Breathing easier? Yes, I was until we have reached day 5 of high fevers without cause.  All viral cultures have come back negative as have all blood cultures for infection, same with urine and stool samples. Negative, negative, negative.  I have not hoped for bad news on one of those tests so much before in my life.

You'll currently find us in room 1528 - Liv's temp went back up to 101.5 overnight.  We are waiting on rounds and a plan of action.  If they really feel this is just some funky virus, we should get kicked out today.  If they fear this is some weird unknown infection lying dormant causing ripples and chaos beneath the surface then Olivia will be handed off to Infectious Diseases so they can brainstorm additional tests.  They don't know, we don't know.  It's frustrating and exhausting.  Answers would be great, even if it's not the best news.  Getting out almost seems too much to hope for right now but I'm still hoping.  Until we have some plans...


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