Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Whoa...What a Month!

Not to worry, the lack of updates isn't because anything is wrong.  Quite the opposite actually.  Olivia's 10th biopsy came back level 1A - which is great news.  Her meds are still a challenge and require more frequent blood draws that anyone would like except maybe Olivia.  She really truly likes the trips to the labs so long as she gets to get a few extra band aids for later.

Some of the things that Miss Livvy is up to lately:

  • Swimming in Pammy and Papa's pool on Mondays and Fridays - she absolutely refuses to wear water wings but she's loving swimming this year and all the other little kids that come around
  • Potty training is all but complete - in fact she slept in big girl underwear last night because she always wakes up dry (yes, I knocked on wood just now)
  • Eating just about everything in sight, it's a little bit reverted back to babydom - what's on Olivia's plate is hers and anything on your plate is also fair game for her
  • Blood draws at home - She will take oral syringes, prep her skin with an alcohol swab, draw back the "red juice", stash the red juice in a tube of chapstick (vacutainer), then once she gets all the samples she needs she will put a gauze pad and band aid on the site and put the vials in a zip lock bag and send it to lab.  Sometimes she wears a lab coat (i.e. button up pajama top) and depending on the patient she also creates a tourniquet from one of her necklaces - she's getting quite good her draws barely hurt (wink)
  • Enjoying her swingset - the glider is her favorite and she could sit there for over an hour if you're not crafty enough to set an alarm on your phone to alert her that playtime is over
  • Operating electronics like an adult: she can now pick her own DVD, load it in the DVD player and select which episode of Mickey Mouse or Curious George that she'd like to watch - and if by chance she gets tired mid-way through; no problem she knows the menu button to go back and pick a new episode
Favorite Livvyisms:
  • "Oh my goodness!"
  • "Now you're just being silly"
  • " You sing horrible, please stop"
  • "That's a deal!" 
  • "Okay buddy buddy" 
  • "Mommy, first we go to Target and we look at toys, then we go get groceries and then we get something to eat for lunch, okay Mommy?" - this sort of game plan is just about any destination with anyone who's taking Liv somewhere
So that's in in a nutshell for now - I'll post some pics soon!

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