Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What a Year

If anyone would have told me last September that Olivia would have been diagnosed with irreversible heart failure and have a transplant all within the next year, I probably would have laughed in their face and smacked them upside the head for even uttering those words.  Yet, here we are and she thrives.  A boisterous, exhausting three and a half year old completely full of life and joy.  Armed with a contagious smile and a personality larger than her petite little frame - Olivia lives on.

By the time my birthday came and went last year; it was clear that things were really not good with Miss Livvy.  At the very least Olivia's big belly was a sign that something was amiss whether or not it was GI or liver related remained to be determined.  By the 10th I made the call into Hope to get her in as the full body edema was now completely evident and she needed to be seen ASAP.  On the 11th I didn't even need the doctors to tell me they were admitting her, I would have been angry had they not decided to at that point.  I was crushed having to tell the grandparents though, particularly Nonna who was with us that day that gone were the days of missy's great success story.  

It began a really uncertain time and not so great quality of life for Miss Munch...all of which is what we have all been collectively aiming for since pre-delivery.  But here on another side of a mountain range - Olivia's here with us.  Not just living but thriving and there is nothing sweeter than that in life....except maybe the piece of cake that was given to me for my birthday that she ate this year!

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