Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

We gladly welcome 2010 into our home! After all, it is the year of Olivia's debut and I'm starting to get so excited that it's hard to sleep through the night.

This is a year of significant changes for us and hopefully positive things to come for others

Among the changes this year already:
  • Brian is working on finishing his last semester of his MBA, we couldn't be more excited and I am extremely proud of the way that he has juggled work, school & family obligations throughout the past few years
  • Aunt Linda will be leaving us soon to return to Paris full-time for the near future (and will be greatly missed from our day to day)
  • Olivia will officially have a new aunt in 2011 as Uncle Craig has proposed to his wonderful girlfriend Katie
  • Our cousin Ray has officially become a Marine and we pray for his health and safety in the months to come

I do, however have a favor for all the parents out there that are following our story as we go along-for all of you that have happy and healthy children at home, please take a moment to make sure that you take the opportunity to hug them, tell them an extra "I love you", or take an extra minute to focus on them out of your day. There are many parents out there with sick little ones or have already lost their children along the way that would give anything for that extra moment or two.

Above all else this year (you may say this is my New Year's Resolution) - I am trying to make a conscious effort to take a minute out of each day and realize how fortunate I am and appreciate all the opportunities and love that I am given on a daily basis. I wish for the same type of blessings for all of my loved ones in the coming year...

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  1. I think you did a great job of expressing what every parent needs to do every day. I make an effort every day to do these things for my children and for myself. I find so much more I am grateful for now that I have Hope and I pray every day (many times a day actually) and have found it helpful to show my gratitude to everyone around me. Once you have experienced the miracle of a heart realize how fragile life is and what is really important.

    Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy New Year!