Sunday, January 10, 2010

A bientot my sister!

Well Linda is back off to Paris with the only difference being that she is going there to live and work full-time.  In reality, there's not much of a difference to this arrangement than there has been in the past five years that she's been between Penn & Paris.  We'll probably see her the standard few weeks out of the year and communicate mostly via the web and phone calls, but I know it felt different for my parents.

Brian and I said our normal goodbyes, good lucks, etc and Linda said an individual goodbye to Olivia who will most likely be about 3 months old by the time she meets her aunt.  Not giving it a second thought we drove off to run errands while my parents were getting ready to take Linda to the airport.  Brian and I chatted in the car about the fact that this really is no different than any other time she's left for school or her internships abroad and in fact we may hear from her more now that she's not worried about keeping up with studying.  But then as we sat at a light I gave a thought to looking at it from my Mom's perspective.  How would I feel if I fast forwarded in the future and it was Olivia moving to another country for the forseeable future?  Suddenly I didn't feel as cavalier about it, it downright made me cry to think of one of my kids moving to another country where I could only see them via webcam on a regular basis. 

I suppose this is one of those moments that brings a smile to parents faces.  The one accompanied by "You'll see when you're a parent yourself".  Yes, yes Moms & Dads....another life lesson learned.  Either way bon chance a ma petite soeur et je t'aime beaucoup.

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