Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The joys of healthcare

Don't get me wrong, I am so appreciative of the times that we live in, the advances in medical technology.  Without all of this amazing high tech equipment we wouldn't have had advanced warning of Olivia's future with HLHS.  That being said, I find it absolutely staggering in these times of such profound advances that we are still struggling with something as simple as payment for services rendered for individuals that have been actively paying and assumed they're covered by their health insurance.  Below is an article that I found tonight on MSN regarding a family that is on the edge of bankruptcy after their son's treatment for HLHS.  Is it possible that all the hiccups that we are having with the healthcare system may possible slow future advances in medicine?  I don't know and certainly don't have any suggestions or answers to the problem. 

I can only look at this family and be envious of the fact that they are so thankful to have their son around to this day that it overshadows any financial hardships that are taking their toll on their blessed family.  I found them to be quite inspirational for whatever the future may hold for us.

Keep an eye out for another update tomorrow.  We have another meeting with Dr. Cuneo (Cardiologist) and the Maternal Fetal Specialists at Christ to start talking about delivery plans, etc.  Time is flying by and I'll be 30 weeks on Friday.  Olivia is getting quite antsy, she has been absolutely all over the place since Sunday night and I would swear that I have bruises internally to prove it.

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