Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Doctor's update

Another Wednesday, another doctor's appointment down!  Today was a big deal, the doctors wanted to see how Olivia's been progressing in terms of growth since some heart babies taper off towards the end of the pregnancy.  Drum roll please....she is estimating in around 6lbs 4oz at 34 Weeks and 5 Days.  Now of course this is just an estimate and it errors +/- 1 lb in either direction.

Of course this is where the gender gap comes in because Brian hears that and says "well still 5lbs 4oz isn't bad and she has 4 more weeks to gain some more weight".  I'm thinking "oh geez, she could be over 7lbs and still gain at least .5lb per week for the next four weeks!!!!"  Oh well, as I've said numerous times before, bigger is better for Olivia especially when you think that the surgeons need to work on a heart approximately the size of a walnut-every little bit helps.

So while Olivia got thumbs up on all her tests, I didn't fare as well this time around.  My BP was a little higher than it had been throughout the pregnancy.  I personally attribute this to us eating lunch right before we walked in the office, but nevertheless they were still concerned.  Pairing the slightly elevated BP with the fact that my feet have been really swelling since this past weekend and they are now going to watch me like a hawk.  I'm personally not worried about it, if we've made it this far in spite of the uphill battle and Olivia continues to grow and thrive, then I say the homestretch is looking pretty promising.

Hopefully I'll get more familiar with this blog thing that I'll be able to post shower pics this weekend, if we're really lucky maybe some nursery pics as well!


  1. Glad to hear the appointment went well. Take good care of yourself! You're doing a wonderful job taking care of Olivia!

    On a related note... Yay, pics! Can't wait to see 'em! :)

  2. Time for Brian to start rubbing those feet and get that fluid up and outta there. Feet elevated, milking the fluid towards the belly, slowly, not too hard! Takes about 15 minutes each leg.

    I've done this on many pregnant women in my works, as a soon to be mommy, you get a free foot rub out of it! :)