Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Game on - 5 weeks and counting!

Our now standing Wednesday date with the MFM group at Christ went really well today.  Induction is definitely set for March 25th pending no surprises from Miss Olivia.  She has plenty of amniotic fluid, good movement and more hair than either Grandfather can hope for in the future.  Dr. Ilbawi typically performs surgeries on Mondays or Thursdays so the Norwood should be up fairly quickly on the agenda for the 1st week of April. 

We had another fetal echo and this like the rest just showed that Livvy's heart is still growing as the rest of her does and the anatomy is doing its best to compensate for the missing left ventricle.  All in all pretty non-eventful and just the sort of checkups that I like to have, "no news is good news".

Next week will be a growth scan, so we should get an idea of where she's at size and weight.  If today was any indication, we can expect her to be ahead in the weight category.  Everyone who scanned her commented on her cheeks and rolls.  What can I say?  The girl loves food like her Mommy!

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