Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Slept Thru that Earthquake...

Ok, first of all prepare yourself.... new shooter here, Daddy needs a new pair of shoes. OK so I know you are all use to reading at a Shakespearian level of English here on Olivia's blog so lets bring it down a notch or two to a platform that I am more comfortable with... we'll just call it Dr. Suess-ology (you know one fish, two fish... type of thing).

So in deed yesterday was a great day with all of the good news that we got. It did not start off as bad for me because I did not even realize there was an earthquake in the Chicago area. For me it was a great day, I had taken a Vaca- from work and it was an L&B day off.... at least until we had to leave for the hospital. But we put our buy 1 coffee get a Decaf for the pregnant mamacita free coupon to good use at Caribou Coffee for an hour first. Lisa gave you all the detailed medical mumbo-jumbo info, its my job to let you know of some of the other little semi-important things we learned:
  • The cafeteria special in Hope Hospital was a grilled cheese sandwich. The cafe special in the main Christ Hospital was Grilled Chicken Fajitas.... so we know where to go now.
  • We have to be careful when making sounds or touching Olivia in the hospital. Anything might stimulate her heart rate. So all visitors must remove all of their loose change from their pockets. What can I say, its one of her favorite games. I shake the change, she kicks mom.
  • I learned what NICU and the PSHU stood for, but I am just going to call them the "Nick-You" and the "Pee-Shoe", respectively.
  • It feels very awkward sitting in the NICU with your 8mo. pregnant wife and the doctor (both sitting in $10 plastic chairs) while I am relaxing in a plush rocker/recliner/roller.
  • The gift shop sells gum for $.35
  • Livvy has Lisa's "punky brewster" attitude, politely displayed by her sticking her tongue out at us just in time for our ultrasound tech to grab a photo.
  • I don't even know the staff at the NICU or the PSHU on a first name basis and somehow I already feel like Livvy is in the best hands, and that we are going to encounter some of the nicest, warmest people throughout this journey
  • The Ronald McDonald house is incredible. As a kid I never knew that it was anything more than a game for me to play at the register with my dad's loose change, but it is so much more than that. I slept so well last night knowing that when I have to go back to work that Lisa will be safe and comfortable in that home.
If you want any other medical translations, feel free to ask. 6 weeks and counting and the nursery is almost finished with its makeover. This weekends tasks: drywall, muddin' and tapin'.

Thats all folks'

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  1. You have one fan at least...joe preferred your post. Don't worry Lisa, I still have your back.