Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Startin the Day with an Earthquake

One would think that starting off your day with an earthquake would definitely be a sign that it's best to pull the covers over your head and wait it out until tomorrow.  Unfortunately for us, we had a lot of things on today's agenda that needed to get done and no amount of excuses were going to be good enough to shirk our duties being that most of today was going to revolve around Olivia and planning for her arrival.

We started off the day meeting with Dr. Galley-one of the Neonatologists at Christ and will be one of the docs attending to the Livster while she's in the NICU.  Totally coincidental Dr. Galley is friends with one of my really good friends from work; so we got to sit with him, pick his brain and get a tour of the NICU (funny how some things work out).  Dr. Galley was very open with us and probably a little more serious than some of the other doctors who have talked to us about Olivia's condition but overall we just appreciate the candor and information that he gave us.

Some new info learned from Dr. Galley
  • We will likely only spend about 10-15 minutes with her after delivery before they take her to the NICU to get settled in with an IV and underway with an echo to get a clear image of her heart anatomy
  • While Olivia is in the NICU, she will only be allowed two guests at a time and one of them needs to be a parent (essentially saying that only one visitor at a time at her bedside)
  • Most of these HLHS babies will need to be intubated (put on a ventilator) pre-op as a side effect from the Prostaglandin drip that she will need to keep her PDA open prior to surgery
  • Once she's on the vent, she will not be able to be held any longer - this will continue to post-op as well
  • Surgery could be performed as soon as 3 days after delivery but could really take up to a couple of weeks depending on how she's doing
Next up was my appointment with MFM - ALL IS WELL!!!  Olivia is growing really well, she seems to have a full head of hair and she took a moment to stick her tongue out at us.  I can't say that I blame her, I would be doing the same thing if I were her.  She's currently head down and a tentative induction date has been set for March 25th.  They also want to start seeing me on a weekly basis so I will have a standing Wednesday date. 

After all that good news from MFM, we met up with Janette- our fabulous Cardio RN who took us around the Pediatric Surgical Heart Unit.  As sad as it is that such a unit has to exist, it was really wonderful to take the tour start to meet the faces that we'll be seeing on a daily basis and the 10 bed unit is seriously impressive. 

Lastly we checked out the Ronald McDonald house.  What an amazing place that is...I think I have found my calling for a feel good job in the future if we're financially secure enough for me to make that leap.  Not only is it gorgeous, but the planners really thought of everything when they put those rooms together.  Hopefully when our time comes, we'll be able to get in the reasonably soon after Olivia's arrival.  The best part is it's kiddie corner from Hope Hospital so I could be at her bedside within a few minutes if necessary. 

As skeptical as I felt last night, I feel that positive today given everything we saw, heard and accomplished.  I feel so blessed.


  1. Hi Lisa and Brian, I am so happy to hear that Livvy is growing and doing so well. I can't believe you are on your last month. I can't wait to meet her. Remember to take care of yourselves and each other during the crazy times. Uncle Brian and I love your blog! Take care. Kari

  2. Praise the Lord for the great report! So glad to hear your precious little girl is growing and looks so great! The info you learned from Dr. Galley sounds very similar to what we experienced at MUSC with Chase. He was intubated the day after he was born and had his surgery at 7 days old. The breathing tube came out 5 days later. Also, just to warn you, there are several other lines (IVs, etc.) that will probably be in place that will prevent you from holding Olivia until they come out, too. :( It's so tough to wait but it makes the moment you hold your sweet girl so very special!

    Can't believe your girl will be here in just over a month! Are you ready? I can't wait to follow your journey with you. You and your sweet Olivia will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Oh, and if you have any questions or just need a heart mom to talk to who can relate to what you're going through, please feel free to email me at

    God bless!