Tuesday, February 9, 2010

That Sinking Feeling

You know when you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach?  It's not nerves or butterflies, but it's almost like a cold has washed over you.  I have that going on right now and worse yet is that tomorrow is our next appointment with the MFM group for a check up on Livvy.  I have no reason to think that anything's out of the ordinary.  She's moving around as per her norm, movements have gotten a little less vicious over the past week or so but I can attribute that to the fact that I think she's outgrowing her cozy quarters.
I guess some of the angst can be put down to the fact that Brian and I have had a run of bad luck for the past week.  Nothing substantial or earth shattering, but you certainly prefer for things to be status quo whenever you've got a doctor's appointment coming up, especially in our particular situation.  Tonight I was in a particularly foul mood with the late rush of snow, Brian missed his train coming home from school and you know things just aren't going the way that I had envisioned them.  Of course, should our appointment tomorrow give us the thumbs up that everything is still smooth sailing; all of these obnoxious things over the past week will be nothing more than exactly that - obnoxious.  But still...tonight I have that creepy feeling that something is going to go awry tomorrow.

I do realize that the best thing for me to do tonight is to relax, get some rest, and keep a positive outlook on what tomorrow will bring.  Sometimes it's just all easier said than done.  Here's to some peace of mind.  I'll make sure to post an update tomorrow on the outcome of the doctor's appointment - good or bad.

Good night


  1. You are doing everything right and the best is all you can do!

  2. I totally understand and identify completely with your fears. I will be praying for great news at your appointment with the MFM specialist today. Your baby girl is such a precious miracle!

    God bless!