Thursday, March 18, 2010

Last Pre-Natal Appointment!

The lack of urgency in my latest entry should calm anyone who was looking for a post yesterday.  I had our last pre-natal appointment before the Big Dance next week.  The non-stress test looked great,  my BP was the best it's been in weeks, Olivia's got plenty of fluid to swim around in and she's weighing in around 7lbs 8oz right now.  I wouldn't put too much stock into that weight guesstimation for any of my family members that are trying to bet on a baby pool, but it'll at least serve as a guide for an over/under.  The only complaint from the entire visit was that my feet were really swollen and dubbed "Flinstone Feet".  That was a bit sad, but quickly resolved by taking an hour to put them up and let the fluid drain. 

In regards to Brian and my preparation for next week, well I'm pretty much all set.  All it took was a little scare that I thought I was going into labor on Sunday morning to let a fire under me and get things put together for the hospital and subsequent stay at hotel or Ronald McDonald house.  The nursery needs a few more touch ups this weekend and we should be set there as well.  Nothing like a little nudge to get both of us going in the right direction of baby prep.

My latest discovery (and a tiny bit sad) about Olivia is that she does not appreciate my singing along to the Dixie Chicks in the car.  I had such hopes for us to rock out in the future to the Chicks and judging by her fit earlier this week, it would seem that she intends to bawl if I try to sing.  I'm hoping that I can pursuade her that there's nothing better on a hot summer day then rolling down the windows and singing to our little hearts' desire. 

Other than that, I feel great, my ear infection seems like it's much better and I can't wait until next week when Olivia will make her long awaited arrival.  I feel like I've been pregnant for eons given the amount of ultrasounds and appointments that I've had since week 20.  Olivia's over it too, she pushes the probes off of my tummy during ultrasound and when they try to scan her head she puts her hands over her face so we can't get any good pics.  I'm not sure if Brian's hoping that she takes after me or not at this point.  :)

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  1. You are in my thoughts and prayers as the days draw closer. Olivia will love the Dixie Chicks...who doesn't? Enjoy the last little bit of your appointment free pregnancy...I know the continuous appointments make it seem like years...not months.