Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two weeks and counting

First, the nursery update: we put in the floors this past weekend and they look amazing!!! The only things left to do are the crown molding, baseboards and ceiling fan installation.  It even sort of resembles a nursery now that the crib is assembled in the middle of the room.  This project is no different than the downstairs powder room, if I lose track of Brian chances are he's in the nursery admiring his work.  I can't wait to get all of the furniture and bedding in there and snap some pics to take with me when I go to the hospital.  They'll be mine and Olivia's motivation to get well and get home!

Today's doctors appointments presented the last fetal echo with Dr. Cuneo.  I love the woman but I'm not sad about not having to come back every three weeks for the echoes.  Unfortunately, my fetal echoes will be replaced with monthly echoes on Liv, but I'm hoping they will go faster without having having to scan through me to get to her. 

MFM appointment was fine, Liv was a mover and a shaker during the NST (we attribute this to the fact that Brian and I split a Rice Krispie treat before the appointments and the baby was on a bit of a sugar high).  She still has plenty of amniotic fluid, I had minimal contractions, my BP was stable so we get to stay on track for a 3/25 induction date.  The only downer was that I have a double ear infection and need to take an antibiotic (yes it's safe for the baby).  I'm actually hoping the antibiotic brings me some relief since my ears have been bugging me for the last few days and I've had a headache that is probably related to sinus issues.

Next week is my last OB appointment and they're going to do a growth check and the nurses are hoping for a "Ginormous" baby.  I can only laugh, I know the bigger the better so who am I to root for a more reasonably sized munchkin?

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