Sunday, April 11, 2010

1st Hand Experience

Typically my day starts off around 7am with the changing of the nurse staff, the new day nurse always does her assessments and it normally wakes me up.  They check my vitals, normally do a routine suction (which I hate), and then make sure all my drips and medications are as they should be.  Now that they've been turning down my pain and sedation medications, I've been much more awake.  Mommy and/or Daddy come and visit me to get their days started off right, but sometimes I'm still so mad from the nurses messing with me, that they find me crying.  Today, I was in a fairly good mood so I just hung out and looked around my room while both of them hung out talking to me. 

Dr. VanBergen (my cardiologist) has been pretty pleased with my progress within the last few days so he has been lowering all my ventilator and medication settings to get me prepared to start breathing on my own.  Just yesterday they started feeding me some real food, but sadly they're going to withold them the day that they take me off the ventilator just as a safety precaution.  Worse yet, I won't be able to eat for another 24 hours after that!  Mommy is a little nervous that I'll be really cranky once I have an empty tummy. 

I had all sorts of visitors today too: Grandma & Grandpa Donnelly, Uncle Craig & Aunt Katie, and Tia Licha and Uncle Clarence all came by to see me.  I tried to be good and have my eyes open for everyone, but it gets tiring trying to see all my guests so some of them just saw me napping away the day.  Later on tonight Mommy and Daddy were back and I was cranky.  The nurse took away my blanket because she said I was a little warm and I flipped out.  Finally, she gave in and let me have a dose of Tylenol so that I could calm down and have my blanket back.  Eventually I drifted off to sleep and then Mommy and Daddy left me for the night. 

Right now Mommy, Daddy and the Doctors all say that I'm doing exactly what I should be doing to go home soon.  I can't wait to get home so I can get some real peace and quiet!

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