Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1st Peds Appointment and 1 Month Old

Happy Birthday Livvy!  You are now one month old!  While I know most of the first month wasn't very pleasant for her, Brian and I really intend on trying to make all the time at home between now and the Glenn as happy as possible for her. 

Besides her one month birthday, today we had our first appointment at the pediatrician's office.  I loved the doctor that we got to see and although it took about 20 minutes to get through all of Olivia's medical history it was well worth the trip as I got a few questions answered and updates on where Olivia is charting against her peers.  First accomplishment she is now weighing in at 8lbs 9oz so she has already surpassed her birth weight which is exciting but only puts her around the 40th percentile of her peers for weight, same goes for head circumference which I think is weird since she looks really proportionate.  As for height...she is 22 1/4" long and now at the 83rd percentile.  This is so exciting since Brian and I come from fairly short families...maybe she did get some tall genes - or it could just be too early to say and she'll stop growing around the age of 5 (just kidding!)

Our other accomplishment today was that she got into her carrier without too much fussing whereas she had a complete meltdown yesterday and Sunday when we tried to put her in.  Hopefully she'll warm up to bath time too, because right now she's taking after Gracie and Wilson (my cats).  Tomorrow brings another home nurse visit and Friday we have our first appointment at the Heart Clinic back at Hope.  Lots of appointments so little time!

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  1. Oh the memories. While it was only 10 months ago, I remember being excited when Lyla exceeded her birth weight as she initially lost over a pound. You guys are doing great, keep it up!